Our Wednesday Service during COVID-19

During this time we are worshiping online at 10.00am using an audio-conferencing app called Zoom. With this app you'll be able to access both audio and video of our worship via your computer/smartphone/tablet at home. Or, if you feel more comfortable doing so, you can dial-in from a telephone and listen to the service. The instructions for all of this are below.

How to use Zoom with your computer or smartphone/tablet or telephone!
* If you are using your computer or smartphone/tablet, the first thing you will need is a link to the appropriate Zoom “Meeting Room”. If you don’t already have that link, email Joanne - [email protected] or Andrew - [email protected] and they will send it to you! Click on the link and you will be taken to the Zoom website. The first time you use Zoom you will be prompted to install the Zoom software or app and then you will be taken to the meeting.
* Feel free to do this now if you want to see how it all works – just note that if you do this at any time other than Wednesday at 10.00am, you’ll probably be the only one in the “meeting"! You can then leave and come back at the right time!

* Dialing-in using your telephone. If the above technology doesn’t work for you, you can phone in (we just won’t be able to see you!). What you will need is a specific “Meeting ID” (a 9-digit number) and “password” (6-digit number). If you don’t already have those, then email Joanne - [email protected] or Andrew - [email protected] and they will send those details to you! Then, you will need to:
1. Dial +64 9 884 6780 (or just 884 6780 if you are using a landline in Auckland).
2. You'll be asked to enter the Meeting ID (see above) and then press the # key.
3. As a Meeting Participant, you will then be directed to press the # key again, and then you will be in the Zoom Meeting!